Corpo partner

ESOTECH is a joint stock company, established in 1952 and is registered for development and implementation of Environmental Solutions and Power Technologies. In our own designing biro, we employ highly skilled professional designers for different processes, mechanical engineering, electrical and civil engineering, chemical technologists, programmers of control systems and commissioning engineers.

For the last thirty years the company has been focused in dealing with technologies in the field of environmental solutions and power engineering.

The field of power energetic is representing the most significant activity of the company ESOTECH. We have been performing several feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, consulting, as well as construction, reconstruction, revitalisation and ecological rehabilitation of power plants in the field of thermal- and hydro- power production units as well as extension of capacities, mostly in Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, etc. This scope includes thermal power plants (TPP) as a complete plant as well as TPP subsystems, such as: DeSOx and DeNOx systems, water treatment systems, transport systems, ash and slag handling systems, heating stations, co-generation, transformer stations, switchyards…


They are looking for break-through solutions in the areas of ecology and energy, as well as upgrading conventional information and digital support solutions.