Damir Opsenica, eMBA

Director of Business Unit Core at Iskratel

Damir’s working experience highlight coming from interactions with customers, exploring and understanding communications, and business benefits around it. Last decade with Ericsson he was supporting the development of VoLTE Cloudifications and recently first implementations of 5G. With Iskratel he got a great opportunity to learn and understand the language of the industry, and create though fundament for the success of 5G communication concepts.

The title and a brief description of his keynote speech

5G Hype – Connecting Industry 4.0 with Innovations

We are entering the communication post-digital time frame where efficiency, adventurous, automation and simplifications are playing one of the key roles in the context of the on-going transformation of business models and Process innovations for Industry 4.0 and beyond. Bringing 5G into the context of the post-digital time frame we’ll try to address the following key questions:

  • What’s the need for the industry when it comes to 5G and who is planning to benefit from 5G
  • What it needs to succeed and why existing experience could bring 5G to a total failure
  • Why we should prepare for 6G